Scenes from my life time
not in any particular order! (^_^)
By: Mukhriz Zakaria

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Sunday, 5-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hezry Tasya's Wedding Day

mari.. mari..mari..
haa... sini kosong lagii
okeh.. boleh mula dahh
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sorry for the late post... busylah!

plenty of new pics.. but i have some important matters in hand right now, maybe after i cleared all errands, i'll upload somemore... heheh... segedebuk aku bubuh nanti!

until then, happy viewing visitors!!! whoever you are... tho... heheh...

Saturday, 25-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yet's Wedding

ahmad ridha encem
aku encem tak?
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somewhere in bangi, was a wedding reception for Ahmad Ridha and wife. went there, met a lot of friends, and ate very yummy food! lauk udang tuuuuu....

Saturday, 11-Feb-2006 09:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Virago 535 last model for sale

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last model, yamaha virago for sale..

all chrome parts restored to mint condition, original parts

original new tyres (pirelli)

exellent condition, good mileage, new paint job.

going for rm10k

interested? message me!

Monday, 6-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nadia's birthday dinner treat at Outback Steakhouse

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Tuesday, 31-Jan-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A 2D 1N getaway trip to kluang

at seremban bus terminal
bubbyee seremban!
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on the CNY break my mother asks me to accompany her to kluang to visit my angah which recently transferred there. and so, off i went on a short road trip!

we went by bus, and journey to kluang took us about 4 hours including a stop at yong peng. we arrived at kluang around 5pm and my bro was already there. so, straight we went to his house and make ready for tea time.. or better still kopi time, as kopi is what made kluang known. their kluang made coffee is quite good.. powerrr giler.. two cups and i dah piouwww dahh

the house is very big, and cheap also according to my bro. and i noticed that the food here are really cheap.. kuih u can get 4 for only seringgit, or a very generous serving of mee goreng for only rm2.50.. mana nak dapat kat kl?

kluang is like 1 hour away from batu pahat, segamat and muar. and its 1 1/2 hours from jb. its famous for its coffee, especially the cafe at ktm station(once mentioned in majalah 3), where ppl would queue to be seated just to have roti bakar and kopi o in the morning! the town is located in a valley, so we can see mountains all around..
there a a few tall buildings such as hotels and goverment buildings.. another prominent features of kluang is there arent a lot of old buildings here and most of the shophouses are at least three-storey high, including the old ones! imagine that.. kluang is kinda a modern town gak..

everything here is so dekat, its just a few minutes rides to town, hospital, mapler, pasar.. u name it.. all within 5 minutes.

well, generally, kluang is a good place to stay, but for the young hearted ppl, hahahha.. will definitely get bored quite fast. i do.

so, the next day, we went to pasar to shop some groceries and other things.. waaa besar siut pasar dia... i took a lot of pics just at the pasar, sampai org keliling tgk heran je.. hahaha

tghri we were back to the hse and my mom cook something special for lunch.. waaa.. best.. best..
i thought of nak round town on my own, but.. hmmm.. my brother's taman perumahan susah skit transport..

my ride to kl is afternoon on the next day. only me. bonda is staying.. after all, i got jobs to go to and assignments to finish up. she? hahaha.. biarla dia holiday sikit situ seminggu dua...

so, before going to bus terminal, i went to have a haircut, coz my bro says its so cheap.. RM4!!! hahahha.. im so cheap... i asked my bro to drop me early in town so that i can wander around on my own.. hmm.. a practice.. kalau gi tempat org nanti tak ler takut sgt, especially overseas.. hehehhe..

so i took the opportunuty to snap and snap and snap, while munching away on local products.. hahahha. cuma kecewa tak dapat minum kat kedai kopi ktm tu.. tutup.. cuti

then, the bus came and im off back to kl... jalan balik was teruk sikit.. every body dah balik dari cuti di kampung and jalam jem since air keroh up until nilai.. it took 5 damn hours just to reach the outskirts of kl.. non-stop ok? hmm.. tired.. but its a good trip..

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